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Several other parts were bono jubilados metro madrid just replaced and checked fine with the DVM in diode mode, as TR11 and TR72 (2SC2712Y TR9, TR84 and TR100 (2SC3398).
But, not, it was fine on RX (all modes, including AM!) and even proc worked (meter showed its function).Unit finally arrived and what I found was a nice front panel, with just some scratches in the frame and a generally nice looking unit, except for some oxide in metal parts ( later I found that it had been used in a merchant ship.As the JST-245 is a complex rig, AGC circuit is also a complex one, with a couple of analog bidirectional switch arrays controlling which components are on-line for each receiving mode (SSB, AM, FM, CW).As I had already fixed my 245 (but some years and some hundred repairs ago!I needed to drill a 10mm diameter hole in the back of the rig for the cable, but I found this was a minor problem, as it could be later plugged with a cover, if needed.JRC JST-245 HF/6m Transceiver, the beginning.There were some sections (IC16A, IC16D, IC17B and IC17D) which selected other things.And I found that I was using the rig without ANY output band-pass filtering!Contact Us: Parish Office Phone, parish Office Fax, parish Office Email, school Office Phone, school Office Fax.Antenna Switch Unit, checking schematics it was obvious that the signal did not flow through the main relay K2 (NR-HD-12V, a reed relay).It was exactly same effect than slowly reducing RF gain.There was a damaged transistor, TR6 (2SC2954) and an associated resistor R102 (15 Ohm) which was open.It seems there is a way to select a reduced power output, which is controlled by a DIP switch and a variable resistor.I also found some missing parts as CD169 (1SS184) or C640 (33pF ceramic cap).Faulty PA (hard short on power supply line; about.2 Ohm!).I found that it worked fine from 100kHz to 54MHz except for.500.999 kHz.Well, anyway, as Power Amplifier was shorted, it was not a big trouble.My 245 was almost working on receive and transmitting a faint signal (just what is needed at the input of the Power Amplifier (PA) unit).If it was faulty, most of the joy would vanish.Parts were no less than the Auto Tuner circuits (three PCBs and some cabling as it was an option on the JST-145 but standard on the JST-245.Please submit items for holiday bulletins 2 weeks prior to the holiday weekend.

This time, what was for sure unworking was (surprise!) the main power supply and also secondary power supply.
I fixed this with a 1K resistor instead of the K2 coil and, finally, signal passed through relays.
Hewlett Packard HP-8640B, but set was definitely deaf.