I have a 2 in casas de apuestas en la rondilla valladolid 1 a kada cheapy, had it a few years and it works well.
Desoldering tool with zero crossing circuitry for through hole components.It is a digital multi-purpose reworking system that incorporates a temperature and airflow controlled hot air gun, a 70 Watt soldering iron (with fume extractor) and a very handy through hole desoldering pistol.Combines the function of a hot air gun, a soldering iron and a desoldering gun.Once the heated tip melts the solder, abono transporte zaragoza the user simply pulls the trigger on the front of the pistol to activate the vacuum suction pump.The iron also incorporates an auto-sleep function.The soldering iron is a powerful 70W system (NB: it will work well with standard leaded solder as well as with lead free solder).The nozzle cools quicker.The soldering iron is a robust 70 watt iron implementing a high powered ceramic heating element.The Auto System Sleep feature puts the hot air gun into sleep mode when the hot air gun has been left unattended while the Overheat Protection feature effectively shuts off power to the heater when an overheat in the hot air gun handle has been.There is noting to choose from them.I onced opened the unit try to "switch" the switches, but its not as easy as i thought and note the tape around the hot air?Fast heat up recovery ensures quick easy soldering at any temperature setting.System cooldown, automatic system sleep mode, overheat protection.The BK5050 from *BlackJack Solderwerks is a powerful and versatile repair system at a very affordable cost.This accessory allows the desoldering of multiple through hole components quickly and effectively.Pretty much we are same here, except our opinion on kada.Microprocessor controlled ESD safe unit.
We also stock spare parts and even complete replacement pistols, providing you with peace of mind for any future requirements.

Its been broken opened, veru poor assembly and durability.