They on the low (You on the low).
It's that young nigga back, no six pack, fuck that.
Said, I'm on a high (I'm on a high).How could you not like Jack Black?All up in the money just to get back, bitch, back.I'm on a high (I'm on a high).This that clbn (True go ahead, bump it with mom mundial poker (Do).Yeah, I dig that, flip that, make that, check back.Look, I hand it to Yos (Hey he hand it to Jon (He do).Yeah, I stack that, make that, break that, take that.Verse 2, i'm the best in the group chat (True).I'm a nappy-headed black lil' cool kid (Ah).Shawty wanna fuck for a picture.Verse 1, i just bought a new grill (Yah).Adam got a new drip (Shit).Said she want a spot on my list (Please).Shining like a new whip (True).
Can't afford my price (No this a white tee (Clean bitch, bite me (Hey) I'm on a high (I'm on a high) They on the low (They on the low) You killin' my vibe (Killin' it) Get out my zone (Get out my zone) Said.