The options include pre flop, flop, turn, and titan poker river statistics but also have varieties for in and out of position, blinds, button plays etc.
These can be for: SnGs Cash Games MTTs Satellites Full Ring Games 6-Max Games Heads-Up Games Each of these games plays very differently so youll want different information at hand to three card poker free play optimally (e.g in tournaments, the pre-flop decisions are more crucial than in cash.Before we get started we should let you know that HEM is still not available for Mac users, which is incredibly frustrating for fans of Apple as it is such a good choice of HUD.The HUD is designed to be easy to read and not clutter the screen while you play, something we really appreciate.The only other HUDs outlined in this article that can boast this are those that are cloud based, so bravo PokerTracker for this.Jivaro is really well suited for those completely new to the idea of HUDs or poker tracking.HUDs themselves are used while youre playing and track immediate statistics.Click here to see the latest deal on Poker Tracker 4 PokerTracker 4 Software PokerTracker 4 is available for Mac or Windows and is simple to download.At the time of writing, to this authors knowledge there have been no significant improvements to either items of software.They have in-depth statistics, information and features that are able to take you to the next level.There is also a forum where people can ask other users questions about certain issues.There will always be an element of personal choice when it comes to HUDs, during our play time weve used lots of different tracking software.Youll be emailed a license key and then you can download and try out the software.
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