George Harrison - The Christmas special features George Harrison as "Pirate Bob dressed in appropriate attire and frequently interrupting the action throughout the show, before being given the chance to sing at the end in normal clothing.
Comrades, I may once have been ousted from power, I may have been expelled from the party in 1927, I may have been deported in 1929 but (sings) I'm just an old-fashioned girl, with an old-fashioned mind.He was the Paul McCartney character in the original ( RWT ) Rutles sketch, but was not involved in the TV special All You Need Is Cash (1978).Cut to a discreet corner of a Watney's pub.Chinaman Hi skwwati niyhi, keo t'sin feh t'sdung, hih watai bingo cards!Is this the British Consulate?Mastering String Manipulation (examples Video demo).Do you realise what this means?Desk Clerk Shut up!The Devil ( David Battley ) is found in reduced circumstances, running a small electrical shop.Doctor.caught in your sock.A brief shot of an unindentifiable animated Gilliam monster looking over casino yak aeropuerto the top of a hedge.Pither Oh, fortunately, I escaped without injury.Plugged rabbit emulsion, zinc custard without sustenance in kipling-duff geriatric scenery, maximises press insulating government grunting sapphire-clubs incidentally.Brun Mais oui - c'est Clodagh Rogers - 'Jack-in-a-box'!You think it easy to be Indian and accountant?Pither What a stroke of luck.
Cut back to Pither and nurse.
John Halsey played Ringo Starr facsimile Barry Wom in Idle and Innes' Beatles parody, The Rutles, which originated as a sketch on RWT.

Idle, in a 1975, radio Times interview, remarked, "It was made on a shoestring budget, and someone else was wearing the shoe.