No Houston trap, only hot Russian raps.
OO i think i win a lotto can u believe me brother like foreal juegos de maquinas tragamonedas gratis sin descargar fruit men nu blja.Hustler spirit always paid by my dreams.Tonight I take double cork from the bottle.Call me lumberjack, cos I smoke trees.Three stripes on my body make ma swag real tight.And people ask why i do so mutch narcotics.I just make myself, I don't think like you.They say I'm really good in the things.All I do is success, smooth as butter Attractive to the bees, they wanna smell my flower, OMG, eh Fucking with no rubber with my lady, no problem Cleaner than the rubber She no skinny model, she a shuttle Oh, I think I win.Why have abs if you can have kebabs?Oo i think i win a lotto omg can you belive me brother all i do is succses smooth as butter attractive to the bees the wanna smell my flower omgder fuckin with no rubber with my lady no problem cleaner then rubber.
(My brother, my brother, my brother, my brother) (kwink, kwink, kwink).
Oh, I think I win a lotto OMG, can you believe me brother?