However, you can make it easier for a group to create new ideas by using this method.
If you havent read the book by Dr Edward de Bono: Six Thinking Hats, or studied his concept about lateral thinking, you should.
Your Creative Power: How to Use Imagination (1948) by Alex.
Do not ask your participants which hat(s) they would like to wear.Dr de Bono represents one of the rare authors who instructs people on HOW TO think rather than what TO think.For additional details, see MG rush for a current schedule.Furthermore, all of our classes immerse students in the responsibilities and dynamics of effective facilitation and methodology.Finally, take a few seconds to buy us a cup of coffee and please share with others.The power in this technique lies with getting all ideas and perspectives out on the table with everyone thinking and collaborating in a parallel and productive way.As session leader (ie, methodologist you may permit either a pre-set order or one that is evolving.There is no need to use every hat.Each student thoroughly practices and rehearses tools before class concludes.Some recognize him as one of the 250 people who have contributed most to mankind.Conclusion Effective facilitation does not rely on the use of hats.Dr de Bono Approach Increases Decision Quality.Six Thinking Hats approach to force perspective and capture new ideas : You may assign a hat (see perspectives above) to the entire group or a different sorteo de lotería nacional hat to each person and then rotate the hats to encourage more ideas.The Royal hat reflects the perspective of the owner who is both committed and invested in the meeting output and project outcome.Please note since our original posting that some people have commented that de Bono borrowed heavily from Alex Osborns writings on Applied Imagination and Creative Thinking.Use Dr de Bonos.You may prefer to not use all the hats, and you may shape the definitions based on your own situation, but use some type of visual prompt to explain the perspectives you are assigning.MG rush professional facilitation curriculum focuses on practicing methodology.Because there you will discover fully annotated agendas, break timers, and templates.
As shared in a prior article, scamper is a mnemonic to prompt for excellent, impromptu questions.

First note: We modified the hats by including a seventh or Royal hat.